It is often said that the best period of life for anyone is the time that they spends in school. This is, undoubtedly, Golden Era, which they recollect nostalgically for the rest of their stay in this world. There is a tradition in every school that the junior students give a send-off to the senior most and outgoing students. This is an occasion to bid farewell to our senior most class XII students for their future endeavours. This function is organised within the school premises, so the students can cherish their memories of school and staff members, by clicking photos and videos. During the farewell function an emotionally charged atmosphere surrounds the school because the students feel very sad and nostalgic to leave the premises to continue their further studies in colleges. It’s the day of parting from friends, school-mates and teachers, the farewell party is heart-breaking, as their school journey draws to a close. Every student who begins school life must end it one day.