Health & Nutrition

Since the beginning utmost care has been taken to provide students with nutritions and hygnic food which was earlier being cooked by solar cookers, today students are served good food in a large mess. Most important part is that the vegetables and grains cooked here are grown in the school farm only. The daily diet provided is balanced – i.e. Dal, Rice, one vegetable and Chappati. We do provided a day for feast in 15 days. Where we serve Puri, Sabji, Pulao and Sweet. Nearly 1500 students have complete lunch everyday in this mass. This food is free of cost for all of the students.Trust is taking care of children of 28 villages. They take care of their food and nutrition also. They have provided us with a big mess and kitchen where nearly 600 students can sil together to take food. All the vegetables Dal and Wheat is grown here in this campus. So the food in organic and nutritious. food is cooked have in the kitchen where 15-20 ladies are working for the whole day to make food for warly 1500 student everyday.